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Avr 17

The Space Between Us // 3 channel HD projection

3 Channel Video / / Installation

Video Design and composition - Radiance / Rose Sugarlove
Audio - KILN Sunsculptures

More details on the project here

Cast: VJ Radiance

Tags: Three Channel, Video Installation, Vj, Landscape, Motion graphic, AV Performance, VJ Radiance, Rose Sugarlove, Tallinn, Estonia, Mix and Plexus http://dlvr.it/5QfZdD via #LeCollagiste Channel

mayer+empl . bxs13 . interactive light sculpture . Munich . 2013

bxs13 140301 02
interactive light sculpture
Studio7 | Otto-Steidle-Ateliers | Munich | December 2013
mayer+empl project 2013_040 

architectural space intervention


Cast: mayer+empl, sinsynplus, quirin empl, shado and kopffuessler

Tags: mayer+empl, Martin Mayer, sinsynplus, shado, shado sinfusion synkretistem, Quirin Empl, kopffuessler.org, architecture, mapping, video mapping, video projection mapping, video installation, visual art, veejayism, architectural space intervention and realtime http://dlvr.it/5QfZW8 via #LeCollagiste Channel

Avr 15

Kraftmann Showcase

Cast: Kraftmann Records and Vj Catmac

Tags: Kraftmann Records http://dlvr.it/5PkK1f via #LeCollagiste Channel

Piano style FX triggering in CoGe

Short tutorial about how to use the Momentary Key mode in CoGe to make piano style FX triggering.

More info: cogevj.hu/blog/tip-of-the-day-piano-style-effect-triggering

Cast: luma beamerz

Tags: CoGe, vj and piano http://dlvr.it/5PkGSP via #LeCollagiste Channel

Grunge stop motion with Modul8 and Vezér

Tutorial about how to create a grunge stop motion animation using Modul8 and Vezér control software.

More info: vezerapp.hu/blog/grunge-stop-motion-with-modul8-and-vezer/

Cast: luma beamerz

Tags: modul8, vezér, vezerapp and osc http://dlvr.it/5PkGRV via #LeCollagiste Channel

Avr 14



Zyper is proud to present his first Vj Tutorial about how to create the basic wave effect of his free serie “Lines 01”.

If you have any question, suggestion or other don’t hesitate and write us a message at : contact@zyper.fr

Or contact zyper on facebook, twitter or any other social media.

Download ZYPER VISUALS FREE SERIE - Lines 01 Now for FREE on : zypervisuals.com/


Zyper is a french audiovisual Artist, performing as a Dj, Vj, or lighting live. Resident at Queen Club in Paris he teams up with the biggest EDM artits like Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Nervo, Chuckie, Dyro, and many more.
Zyper also Creates his own vj tools and is a part of Knight Visuals team.

For more info check :

Cast: Zyper

Tags: VJ Tutorial, after effect, radio waves, vj, loop, footages, HD, Zyper, Visuals, Florimond Zipper, tuto, AE, how to, After, Effects, Tutorial (Industry) and Adobe After Effects (Software) http://dlvr.it/5PGBt1 via #LeCollagiste Channel


Installation cubes / 3d mapping
Pats Saucedo

Cast: Patricia Saucedo

Tags: 3dmapping, videomapping, cosmopolis, video mapping monterrey, projected sculpture, installation video and art http://dlvr.it/5PGBnp via #LeCollagiste Channel

Kingdom Ocean

Kingdom Ocean is an experimental film. A combination of sound design and motion graphic that immerses you into the depths of the ocean. Turn up the volume and put the full screen. I hope you enjoy.

The sound design performed by François Maire is exceptional.

Director and motion design: Thomas Blanchard
Sound design/beatbox/music : François Maire
Caméraman : Sébastien Girard / Thomas Blanchard

Cast: Thomas Blanchard, Sébastien Girard and Bronixz

Tags: Fish, motion design, sound design, 7D, 550d, canon, after effect, plexus, shapes, experimental, octopus and shark http://dlvr.it/5PGBhs via #LeCollagiste Channel

Servus TV Commercial Ident (Easter Season)

Commercial breaker / insert for the Austrian TV Channel “Servus TV” for the easter season 2014.

Client: Red Bull Media House / Servus TV
Director, Producer, Animator, Diorama: Clemens Wirth
Camera, Grading: Valentin Sysel
Camera Assistant, Grip: Patrick Wegerer
Gaffer: Robert Mayr
Storyboard: Jasmin Hagleitner
Music & Sound Design: Manfred Wambacher / Red Bull Media House

Cast: Clemens Wirth

Tags: servus tv, werbetrenner, insert, commercial, add, breaker, diorama, model building, macro, christmas, easter and red bull http://dlvr.it/5PGBbg via #LeCollagiste Channel

··· UNKNOWN ···

Mood video for the electronic music club UNKNOWN (facebook.com/pages/UNKNOWN/652087644846322).

Cast: Ramón Ayala and Guto Moura

Tags: Unknown, Guto Moura, Ramón Ayala, Nature, nudity, skin, beauty, club, mood and portrait http://dlvr.it/5PGBR4 via #LeCollagiste Channel