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Sep 02

frequencies (light quanta)

NICOLAS BERNIER | frequencies (light quanta)
Sound and light installation, 2014
100 sound and light fragments organized aleatorically within a structure made of 100 transparent laser cut acrilyc panels.
• Art direction, visual design, sound composition, audiovisual programming: Nicolas Bernier
• Technical direction and fabrication: Robocut Studio
• Co-production: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (ES), Perte de Signal (CA)
• With the support of Conseil des arts et de lettres Québec and L.E.V Festival

Cast: Nicolas Bernier

Tags: sound, digital, art, insallation, laboral, perte de signal, nicolas bernier and light http://dlvr.it/6nWdQP via #LeCollagiste Channel

MUD Visual Showreel 14 LQ

A mini selection of Visual created from January till July of 2014.

MUD role - Animation, VFX, Compositing, Keying, Film, Studio, 2D, 3D, Render.

Track - Orelha negra - Miriam
link for buy track - whosampled.com/Orelha-Negra/M.I.R.I.A.M./

For bookings or any other queries please email: mudproject0@gmail.com
Website - cargocollective.com/mudvisuals
FB - facebook.com/MUDvisuals

Cast: MUD and Yasha Hindine

Tags: Animation, VFX, Compositing, Keying, Film, Studio, 2D, 3D, Render, promo, showreel, Cinema4d, Maya, AFX, Photoshop and Illustrator http://dlvr.it/6nW2Xm via #LeCollagiste Channel

Aoû 30

Zimoun : 294 prepared dc-motors, felt balls, cardboard boxes 13x13x13cm, 2014

294 prepared dc-motors, felt balls, cardboard boxes 13x13x13cm
Zimoun 2014 


Motors, cardboard, wood, metal, felt, power supply.
Dimensions: 1.8m x 2.7m.


«Using simple and functional components, Zimoun builds architecturally-minded platforms of sound. Exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in prepared systems, his installations incorporate commonplace industrial objects. In an obsessive display of simple and functional materials, these works articulate a tension between the orderly patterns of Modernism and the chaotic forces of life. Carrying an emotional depth, the acoustic hum of natural phenomena in Zimoun’s minimalist constructions effortlessly reverberates.» bitforms nyc

«The sound sculptures and installations of Zimoun are graceful, mechanized works of playful poetry, their structural simplicity opens like an industrial bloom to reveal a complex and intricate series of relationships, an ongoing interplay between the «artificial» and the «organic». It‘s an artistic research of simple and elegant systems to generate and study complex behaviors in sound and motion. Zimoun creates sound pieces from basic components, often using multiples of the same prepared mechanical elements to examine the creation and degeneration of patterns.» Tim Beck

«Zimoun creates complex kinetic sound sculptures by arranging industrially produced parts according to seemingly simple rules. Using motors, wires, ventilators, etc.., he creates closed systems that develop their own behavior and rules similarly to artificial creatures. Once running, they are left to themselves and go through an indeterminable process of (de)generation. These quasi autonomous creatures exist in an absolutely synthetic sphere of lifeless matter. However, within the precise, determinist systems creative categories suddenly reappear, such as deviation, refusal and transcience out of which complex patterns of behavior evolve.» Node10

Compilation video: vimeo.com/7235817

Next exhibitions: zimoun.net/events.html

Newsletter: zimoun.net/newsletter.html

Video archive on Vimeo: vimeo.com/zimoun/videos/sort:plays

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Zimoun/134817185765
Website: zimoun.net



Tags: zimoun, sound sculpture, sound architecture, sound installation, sound art, contemporary art, physical generated sound, sound of materials, minimalism, simplicity, complexity, switzerland, organic, artificial, reduction, reductive concept, generative system, bitforms gallery, studio zimoun and installation http://dlvr.it/6mDcZt via #LeCollagiste Channel

Tears of a Savage

Tears of a Savage
Music by Dirty Freud - dirtyfreud.com/
Visuals by Jim Rolland - franetjim.free.fr/
“Tears of a Savage” is part of the collaboration between the English musician Dirty Freud and Jean-Michel Rolland.
This sound visualization created with Processing reacts on the one hand to the music of Dirty Freud but is also manipulated in real time with a Midi controller.
The goal of the two artists is to play their audiovisual work on stage.
“Tears of a Savage” fait partie de la collaboraion née entre le musicien anglais Dirty Freud et Jean-Michel Rolland.
Ce sound visualization conçu avec Processing réagit d’une part à la musique de Dirty Freud mais est également manipulé en temps réel grâce à une surface Midi.
L’objectif des deux artistes est de délivrer leur oeuvre audiovisuelle en live.

Cast: Jean-Michel Rolland and Dirty Freud

Tags: performance, processing, vjing, animation, sound, visualization, son, visualisation, musique, music, sound visualization, digital art and art numérique http://dlvr.it/6mDcWf via #LeCollagiste Channel


Realtime live graphic composition done with C-MiX.
Video, dynamic text and generated 3D running full HD at 60FPS.
Recorded with the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable

Music : Alan Fitzpatrick - Skesis

Cast: cloneproduction

Tags: vj, C-MiX, live visual, generated, generative, art, typography, shader, vvvv, 3D, graphics, font, realtime, real-time and graphic composition http://dlvr.it/6mB9K3 via #LeCollagiste Channel

Making of Volcano by STUDIO CORIUM

This stage was huge. The challenge consisted here in the 6 minutes of volcanic mapping session (video 2: vimeo.com/89929072), as well in the conception, realization and installation of the structure, the giants screens, and the visual animation of which we took care during all evening – 6 hours of massive interactive projection in real time !

Our making of gives you a glimpse of that. First time we used our Edelkrone slider, which slides into space and conquers great perspectives! We also took advantage of the location’s dimension to collect some visuals gems that should sparkle your eyes, we sure hope so!

Back in the walls of Uni Mail for the 5th edition of Uniparty (cf. session 2013), it was to serve the faculty of geography that the theme of the Volcano appeared in our non timorous imaginations. As a result: an intense month of conception for a 6 minutes show in 3K resolution, a soundesign signed by OXSA, structure made by Adrien Boulanger, two 20’000 VP lumens and as usual Alex and MKlazer managing the lasers & lights… The communicative enthusiasm of the public let us imagine that they believed they were there: at the foot of an old god in full rise of lava!


Voilà une scéno qui nous a bien fait voyager. Le tour de force consistait ici autant à la session mapping volcanique de 6 minutes (vimeo.com/89929072), qu’à la conception, réalisation et installation de la structure et des écrans géants, puis l’animation visuelle dont nous nous sommes occupés durant toute la soirée – 6h de projection massive gérée en temps réel en interaction avec le set musical !

Le tout rendu ci-dessus en 3minutes dans un making of aux images tournées par nos soins. Première fois qu’on utilisait notre slider Edelkrone, profitant de ce petit bijou pour des effets qui fendent l’espace et ouvrent les perspectives! On a aussi profité des dimensions du lieu pour récolter quelques pépites visuelles à faire scintiller les mirettes !

Giant setup and Mapping installation for The Uniparty 5 and “la fête du printemps 2014”


・Mapping & Visuals: Studio Corium (studiocorium.com)
・Stage design: Mika Ventura (Studio Corium)
・Building Setup: Adrien Boulanger
・Lighting & laser: MKLAZER & Alex
・Sound design: OXSA (oxsa.ch)


・Direction et Images : Catherine Baroni (Studio Corium)
・Images aditionnelles: Florence Pellacani
・Montage: Mika Ventura
・Musique: OXSA (post age) & Mongaiï (cosmofamille – 20syl remix)
・Equipment rental: Hyperson, Lumens8, Spectralight


Tags: Giant, architectural, mapping, Vdmx, Quartz composer, vjing, big setup, Studio Corium, Mika Ventura, Catherine Baroni and OXSA http://dlvr.it/6mB7hs via #LeCollagiste Channel

"Elucidated" ft. Tiffany Chung

Elucidated - Promo Video for A SCORE REIMAGINED

Music: Gianni… X Carey Alexander
Dancer: Tiffany Chung
Directed / Edited by: Danny Garcia
Titles / Artwork by: Shawn James

Gianni… : A SCORE REIMAGINED : gianniabbott.com

Source material :
Carey Alexander : A Score Without a Film : “Elucidator” :

dgtalFILM : dgtalfilm.com/

2014 ©. All rights reserved.

Cast: Danny Garcia

Tags: elucidated, gianni, carey alexander, score reimagined, tiffany chung, danny garcia, dgtalfilm, shawn dorman, dance, lighting, colors, music and promo http://dlvr.it/6mB7c6 via #LeCollagiste Channel

KURGAN Preview

The meaning of kurgan is grave. In fact, here reigns feeling like a gravestone in a Scene deliberately hyper-realistic, made with a technique in 3D. In this context materialize the characters, ghosts, or rather of simulacra, who immediately opposed in a fight to the last ‘particle

Cast: Igor Imhoff

Tags: Lightwave, Dpkit, Rigging, Animation and Room http://dlvr.it/6mB5wT via #LeCollagiste Channel

Aoû 29


We are very proud to show you what we have realized in the past months together with STV-Visuals and VisualPrime

Combined Visual Excellence!

Cast: VJTenner / DoschART, Stv Visuals and VisualPrime

Tags: mapping, projectionmapping, visuals, vj, nature one, festival and 3d http://dlvr.it/6lmcqc via #LeCollagiste Channel


In July 2014 we were commissioned by WIRED Magazine to create a new interactive media art installation as part of Bentley Motors Night Call event in the historic Wind Tunnels at Farnborough Airport. This prestigious event celebrated British design and engineering excellence with the launch of Bentley’s new Continental GT V8 S. This was the building where Bentley had tested its original V8 powered car design back in 1957 and the building had been abandoned for many years and only recently opened up for events. We instantly fell in love with the building and its history, however it was a very quick turnaround for such a large scale project and our ideas had to be achievable in a short time frame.

Our response to this challenge was to explore the relationship between sound, space and energy while referencing the building’s long history of aeronautical design and engineering. The resulting piece was a sound reactive video installation built with custom software in Openframeworks that uses a realtime fluid dynamics engine to distort and manipulate a set of vector fields. We designed and developed this custom software to allow us to visually map this huge space and to create a playful interactive piece that would engage the audience at the event while they walking through the tunnel.

We used a set of six 20k Full HD Christie projectors with very wide angle lenses to cover the walls and ceiling of the tunnel in three separate bands along the lengh of the space. Each of these arches of light contained a pair of Naim Audio speakers and a pair of vocal microphones at their bases. As the software generated different virtual energy forces that slowly moved down the space, the audience were encouraged to interact with these visuals by releasing their own sonic forces into the room. The resulting audio visual emissions and graphic turbulence created in these vector fields drove a multi channel piece of sound design in Ableton Live using OSC and Midi messages. The resulting sound scape sampled, effected and distorted the audience’s utterances and triggered additional lighting effects at each end of the space.

The piece was only on display for one night at the launch event and we very much hope to be able to develop it further and show it again in the wind tunnels at some point in the future to a more public audience.

Creative Direction: Christopher Thomas Allen & Tim Cowie
Interactive Producer: Alice Ceresole
Software Developer: Neil Mendoza
Sound Design: Tim Cowie
Camera: Andy Davies & Christopher Thomas Allen
Editing & Post: Tim Cowie
Assistant Producer: Maddie Yullie
Supported by: Naim Audio & QED Productions
Thanks to: Max Mirams, Patrick O’Shea, Paul Wigfield, Johnny Palmer

more projects at : lightsurgeons.com

Cast: THE LIGHT SURGEONS, Tim Cowie, Christopher Allen and Neil Mendoza

Tags: video mapping, generative, installation art, the light surgeons, computational art and interactive art http://dlvr.it/6lmZT6 via #LeCollagiste Channel